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Surfhostel? Surfcamp? I’m confused!

We started out as Progress Surfcamps and later we changed our name to Progress Outdoor Surf Hostel. Why? We have all the good things from a surfcamp, but when it comes to bookings we work like a hostel. So you are not fixed to a saturday till saturday booking and can stay as long as you want. Also, will not hold your hands and we don’t have a fully scheduled week for you. Everyday we organise an activity, you can join if you want. Or not, if you feel like doing something else.

When can i arrive? and how long do i have to stay?

You are free to come and go as you please, with no minimum amounts of nights to stay.
This means you are completely free to create your own holiday as you please, since everything is optional and you don’t pay for unnecessary extras that you might not use.

What is the average age at the hostel?

Our hostel is 18+ and most of the times the average age of the guests and crew will be between 20 and 30 years old.

Is it possible that you pick me uP?

Yes, if you don’t know how to reach our hostel by yourself we can pick you up from cities and trainstations in the area or the closest airports (Biarritz and Bordeaux).
Just get in touch with us so we can arrange something!

How big is the hostel?

When you think of surfcamps you might think of hundreds of guests at the same time. We like to keep it somewhat more intimate at Progress, hosting up to a maximum of 50-60 people during the high season. This gives the place a cozy, personal and friendly vibe.

Can I visit the hostel with my campervan?

Yes, you can park that sweet van of yours at the hostel! We have a couple of spots suitable for campervans, just get in contact with us if you want to come with your van as these spaces are limited.

will i enjoy my stay if i’m not that much into surfing?

You definitely will! We have so much more activities to do aside from surfing. Some people come back every year just to chill and enjoy the good vibes.

Can i come by myself?

Of course! A lot of people do. There is a very open and friendly atmosphere at the hostel, making it easy to meet new people and the crew.

Is the hostel international?

Yes, our guests are from all around the world! Our crew is also international, with a small majority of people from the Netherlands and Belgium.

What can I expect from the vibe?

Expect a fun and mature atmosphere at the hostel where it is all about a good vibe and doing fun activities with the group, whether it’s surfing or doing yoga, but also don’t forget your dancing shoes 😉

Are there lockers available?

You can rent a locker at the camping reception.

Is there wifi?

There is paid WIFI on the camping, which you can access for a few euros, paid by creditcard. Don’t expect fast internet as the WIFI can get quite busy during high season.

Digital nomads might be better off working from their 4G connections through their phones as the reception at the hostel is quite good.

Is there an ATM in the area?

There are several ATM’s in the village center, well within walking distance from the campsite.

Are there any (surf)shops and restaurants nearby?

You will find everything you need in the village center, which is within 10 minutes of walking from the hostel. You will find a supermarket and a dozen of surfhops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Most of them are open until late in the evening during the summer.

Can i change / add something to my booking?

Yes, you can make changes in your booking. Just send us a message and we will help you out!

Can I safely park my car at the hostel if I come with my own car?

Yes, this is possible, but spaces are limited. Let us know if you want to park your car on the campsite, we might be able to reserve you a spot. The price for this is 3 euros per night. There is always plenty of room to park your car outside the gate of the campsite for free (10 min walk).

Still want to know more?

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